Episode 162

Lunar: The Silver Star - Ramus' Dream Shop (ft. Coury of MLiG)

Honestly, Ramus is goals. Not only did he singlehandedly kick off Alex's journey to Dragonmastery but he achieved his lifelong dream of owning a shop and just... Stopped there. The world was in peril, but did Ramus care? No! His life was about mercantile, and he was content.

Anyway, Coury of My Life in Gaming joins the show to discuss a game that, despite it strengths, was largely (dare we say, unjustly?) overshadowed by the likes of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.


Today's Guest Information

Name: Coury Carlson

Bio: 1/2 of the creative team for the YouTube channel My Life in Gaming. I like to judge games based on when they were made, not against modern standards.

Twitter: @mylifeingaming on Twitter

YouTube: Coury on YouTube


Music Attributions

Intro / outro excerpts from Stream by 505, used under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.


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